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Basics of Hinduism: kids

Balaka B. Ghoshal


Basics of Hinduism: kids

Location: Online
14 classes

Course Objective:
A sound fact-check of Hinduism and ways of self-improvement will equip the young minds to face uncertainties with less fear and will be able to make good choices to find their life’s core goal-fulfillment.

Methodology: Interactive sessions woven with stories, role playing through readers’ theatres, hands-on, Q and A on the topic
Each session will have a mini objective moving toward weaving the larger, umbrella objective.
There will be something to watch—usually my hands on, to draw analogies with the processes in life.
Sometimes I’ll tell them to bring something to the table like paper, scissors, or a bowl with water and seeds from the kitchen.

Resources needed: I will send material by parent email with my expectation written in short. We will make a tiny journal for daily thought recording at bedtime or in class at times. Best to keep handy the following:
- Paper (one-sided used for rough work, and a few good sheets)
- Construction paper pieces (no need to buy new ones)
- Scissors
- Glue
- Pencil, pen, markers, coloring utensils
- A very old pair of white socks or a tiny piece of white rag

Homework: Some daily, some as needed
- Daily: Reflections and Reflexology: 5-minute end-of-day journal writing—based on episodic-memory, sweet resolution, and a roopdhyan dream-seed while doing a soothing yoganidra exercise and foot massage!
- Daily: Learning and reviewing Sanskrit terms and a few shlokas
– developing a Sanskrit word wall and even practice writing the words in devnagari script.
- Viewing and analyzing a popular children’s book or excerpts through spiritual lens
- Sharing their learning with parents and grandparents—recording their feedback