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EV3 Robot Programming – Level 1

Sumitha Tharasingh


EV3 Robot Programming – Level 1

• Prerequisites: Age: 8+ or must have finished Lego simple machines program
• Schedule: Starts Sept 6th through Dec 13th. Off on 25th Oct.

In this course students will
• Learn about Robotics – powered and programmed machines.
• Build a Robot by putting together hardware, electrical and electronics.
• Learn concepts of programming and develop programs using easy-to-learn Lego EV3 Mindstorms Visual Programming software and Lego EV3 Mindstorms Robot.
• How to solve a given problem, test and troubleshoot programs
• Program the Robot to complete tasks using Motors and Sensor programs
• Program using of logic, conditions, actions, loops, switches, math.
At the end of learning they will be assigned a challenge for which the student will design, build and solve the challenge and present it to the class.

• Required:
o Buy the recommended Lego Kit $439.90 + taxes + shipping
o Minimum # of enrollments to conduct class: 8 students.