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Hands on STEAM Intermediate

Jules Winson


Hands on STEAM Intermediate

Studies show that curricula with an outdoor learning component can
drastically improve overall student performance, particularly in
science and math. Subsequently, in a New York Times article,
scientists say art will make your kids better thinkers Our Hands On
STEAM program combines a STEM curricula with Art where your child will
explore and investigate the art of science, technology, engineering
and math.

Physical Science: Volume, Matter, Laws of Motion, Snap Circuits
Earth Science: Earth Hazards, Oceanography, Natural Energy
Life Science: Nervous System, Senses, Botany
Fine Arts: Alcohol Ink, Clay, Salt Painting, Nail Art and more
Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Changes via experiments

We will got outdoors to study a watershed in a wildlife habitat. Also
we will explore nature awareness and mindfulness by taking a close
look at the life of a tree and our vegetable garden.

This class will provide a semester of interactive experiences built
around TEKS, Jon Young and Project Wild Aquatic.