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Hindustani Vocal (Age 5+)

Jayeeta Dasmunshi


Hindustani Vocal (Age 5+)

Location: Shiksha 2

This course offers an introduction to the ancient art of Hindustani/North Indian classical music. Instruction will include melodic concepts such as Raag, Bandish, Bhaav, Aalaap, Taan, Sargam and rhythmic concepts such as Taal and Aavartan, and their integrated use in a performance. Students will practice and learn classical and devotional song compositions based on Raag.

Key benefits include development of ability to identify swara (notes), sense of sur (tunefulness) and taal (rhythm); development of ability to present a brief classical music composition and ability to appreciate and relate to Raag music. No specific knowledge or skill level of vocal/instrumental music is necessary. Students who enjoy learning music or have prior music background can further increase their confidence and appreciation of music through this class.

14 classes in Summer 2020. Online classes available