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Kannada language for kids

Dr. Srinivas Makam


Kannada language for kids

When: Sunday starting Sept 12th at 10 a.m CST
Maximum Class Size: 10 students (for all ages)
Minimum Class Size: 5
$100 for 14 classes
Online: Zoom

I am excited about teaching Kannada to Austin kids. I want to help them learn reading, writing, and speaking simple words and sentences. In addition, I want them develop an interest in conversing in Kannada with their parents, grand parents, siblings and others. I hope the kids will continue the journey of learning Kannada and using it in their daily interactions with others even after these classes.

I have a PhD from UCLA. I work as a computer consultant Worked as a part-time professor in IIT-Chicago several years back.
My interests in Kannada involve: reading novels, books by famous Kannada authors and magazines. Also dabbled in writing short Kannada jokes, poems, stories. I have volunteered for English tutoring a poor girl student in Bangalore