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Kirtan Learning and Shloka Recitation (Feb. -March)

Misha Sharma


Kirtan Learning and Shloka Recitation (Feb. -March)

When Feb. 14- March 7- 5:00 PM-6:00 PM CST
Location: Online
Will include 4 group classes

The objective of the Kirtan class is to promote bhakti or devotion in the hearts of young children and youth. Students will be taught how to sing simple devotional songs of various Deities, which can be mastered quickly. Attending Kirtan classes, learning Shlokas and Kirtans and practicing the same, will help build a strong, well rounded and spiritual individual while also helping instill good Sanskars at a young age.
In Kirtan class, students are taught Naam Sankirtan, which are short songs that invoke the various namas (names) of the various forms of God. In addition to learning these songs, students also learn the meaning of these names, as well as the stories behind how these names came to be associated with these forms.
In every Class the instructor also introduces a Shloka that goes along with the Kirtan of the day and works on the recitation and meaning of the Shloka with every student.
When the children sing the Naam Sankirtan while understanding the underlying reason, bhakti or devotion grows in their hearts. This is the main objective of this Kirtan class. Singing regularly also develops confidence in them to sing outside of the class environment, which is a desirable life skill. This is a fun interactive session that nurtures and promotes a healthy balance of creativity, arts and spirituality in our future generation.