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LEGO® Engineering and Robotics

Sumitha Tharasingh


LEGO® Engineering and Robotics

A STEM based robotics program designed for children ages six to ten with the intent of encouraging young children, and develop their interest in science and engineering. Children will learn about simple machines and Robots in this program. Emphasis will be on hands-on learning. Children will build models out of LEGO elements with some moving parts and include at least one simple machine based on a given topic. LEGO Simple Machines and WeDo kits will be used depending on the age of the child learning. Children will learn to connect a motor and/or a sensor to other LEGO bricks, gears and other TECHNIC elements and use visual, drag-and-drop programming interface to write Robot Programs. A fun and interactive class to children. Children will also learn basic presentation skills while learning about Robotics. Optionally, parents are encouraged to buy kits for their children so they can play and practice at home. Information about it will be provided on the 1st day of class.

Please Note: Students are to be present on-time every week, if possible 5 mins early so they get the most out of the class. On exceptions, please text or email the instructor ahead of time.