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LEGO® Engineering and Robotics Level 1

Sumitha Tharasingh


LEGO® Engineering and Robotics Level 1

Level 1: Early Simple Machines

In this program participants will learn science concepts as Wind power & energy, Motion, Forces,
Mechanical Energy, Balancing forces, Pivots, Friction, Wheels, Gears, Levers, Pulleys, Pushes and pulls,
Movement etc. They will first learn how to build while learning concepts as Pinwheel, Spinning Tops,
See-Saw, Raft, Car Launcher, Measuring Car, Ice Hockey Player, Pet animal then they will be given
problems to solve to build bridge, fan, mechanical scare crow, swing using all the science concepts
learned in the earlier activities. In the end the kids are given a problem to solve, which they solve using
the building materials provided and concepts learned. Children will be taught to present their ideas and
project and will learn to present to an audience as a part of the curriculum.