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LEGO® Engineering and Robotics Level 2

Sumitha Tharasingh


LEGO® Engineering and Robotics Level 2

Level 2: Simple Machines

The Simple Machines program provides students in grades 3–5 with a deeper understanding of science
and engineering concepts. It introduces and embeds the concepts and knowledge of Simple Machines as
Wheels and Axles, Levers, Pulleys and how these are used in daily life to make our work simple. These
concepts are learned by introducing problem, teaching concepts and hands-on building activities to
build objects as Merry go round, popcorn cart, go-cart (with and without steering), Wheel Barrow,
Catapult, Rail-road crossing gate, crazy floors, crane, see-saw etc. In the end the kids are given a
problem to solve, which they solve using the building materials provided and concepts learned.

The “Simple Machines” curriculum covers the following Crosscutting Concepts and overall Science and
Engineering Practices, which have been set forth in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
The activities lead students to make initial use of scientific method through observation, reasoning,
prediction, and critical thinking.