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LEGO® Engineering and Robotics Level 3

Sumitha Tharasingh


LEGO® Engineering and Robotics Level 3

Level 3: Motorized Machines and WeDo 2.0 Robotics.

This is the advanced elementary program. The curriculum will take all the concepts learned in simple
machines program to the next level by adding motorized actions and programming actions. The power of
simple machines that advances to exciting motorized programmed robots! Kids are introduced to
motors, sensors, visual programming to truly take their learning to the next level. Kids quickly assimilate
the idea of motorized machines, programmed robots and will be building these hands-on and trouble-
shooting along the way. They will quickly recognize that these machines are not too far away from
robots that work in space for human kind. They learn a variety of topics, as different kinds of robots,
purpose and visual programming concepts. They will build machines that will autonomously function
due to their programming, motorized mechanism and machine built.