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Lego Simple and Powered Machines

Sumitha Tharasingh


Lego Simple and Powered Machines

Prerequisites: Age: 7+ or must have finished Lego simple machines program
Schedule: Starts Sept 6th through Dec 13th. Off on 25th Oct.

Students will learn simple and powered machine concepts build mechanism and machine models using Legos experiment, record findings and conclude his or her findings using the scientific method. At the end of learning they will be assigned a challenge for which the student will design, build and present their model to the class to graduate.
1. Simple Machines, Mechanisms & Structures
a. Lever, Wheel & Axle, Pulley, Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw, Gear, Cam, Pawl & Ratchet, Structures
2. Build Machines & Powered Machines
a. Sweeper, fishing Rod, Freewheel Cart, Hammer, Ballerina, Balance, Windmill, Flywheeler, Powercar, Dogbot, Dragster, Walkbot, Dogbot etc.

o Buy the recommended Lego Kit $199.95 + taxes + shipping
o Minimum # of enrollments to conduct class: 8 students.