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Science Bowl Prep - Earth and Space Science - Lvl 1

Sumitha Tharasingh


Science Bowl Prep - Earth and Space Science - Lvl 1

Prerequisites: Age - 9+ year-olds

Preparing for Science Bowl is a fun way to learn science. Kids will gain knowledge on the Earth and Space Science topics listed below. They will participate in science knowledge competition in class and an online quiz.
1. Our Solar System - Sun /Solar Eclipse, Planets (inner/Outer), Earth, Moon /Moon Phases/Lunar Eclipse, and Weather.
2. International Space Station, Moon exploration, and Mars Exploration
Every week students will be assigned videos to review and hands-on & online assignments to complete after the class to reinforce learning. At the end of the course, students will have a science bowl quiz, and the winner will win an award.
PS NOTE: Students will have access to the course online for six months.
Schedule: Classes start May 28th and end on August 20th every Friday at 10:00 AM. No classes on July 2nd.