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108 Sun salutations workshop

Pramod Patil


108 Sun salutations workshop

When : Every Sunday at 8:30 to 9 am from Jan 16th to April 2nd
Where : on-line
Fees: $25 per family
**Free for Shiksha students and parents.

108 Sun salutation challenge is an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself!

This will be a wonderful 12 weeks journey where we will gradually ramp up towards the goal of doing 108 continuous sun salutations on the auspicious days of Yugadhi/Gudhi Padwa ( 4/2/2022).
We will have a goal outlined for each week.

Some of the proven benefits of Sun Salutation -
Increase your energy circulation
Enhance physical strength
Cardiovascular workout
Weight loss and more!

What could be a better way to start a new year?
The only change is Title should say

‘108 Sun salutation workshop’ instead of ‘Sun Salutation workshop