Ananda Nadayogi

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Ananda Nadayogi received advance training in Indian classical Violin and Vocal with the legendary...

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Donna Taylor

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Donna Taylor has been living at Radha Madhav Dham and doing seva there since 2012. She teaches&nb...

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Indradeep Gosh

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Indradeep Ghosh is one of the top ranking violinists in India and a trailblazer for Seni Maihar G...

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Jayeeta Dasmunshi

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Jayeeta Dasmunshi, founder of Austin's very own MUSICA music school which provides lessons in Ind...

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Malcolm Davids

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Toastmasters Teacher

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Mamta Ganesan

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Mamta Ganesan is from Dehli. She is not only passionate and fluent in Hindi, her lessons plans an...

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Marathi Team

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Marathi Teachers: Pramod Patil is a founding member of the Marathi language school in Austin. He...

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Marianne/ Akhila G...

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Akhila/ Marianne has been a Science Teacher/ Outdoor Educator for more than 20 years. She graduat...

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Pallavi Shahi

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Pallavi is an ex-national table tennis player and has coached in many schools and colleges in Ind...

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Pramod Patil

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Pramod Patil is a founding member of the Marathi language school in Austin. He a passionate leader a...

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Seetha Madabhushi

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Seetha Madabhushi is from a music loving family. She was named after maternal grandmother Smt. Sita...

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Shanna Kelly

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Ms. Kelly is a certified Special Education teacher with over 15 years classroom experience. ...

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Shruti Mehta

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Shruti Mehta, RYT200, is a long time devotee at RMD. Practicing yoga for more than two years. Rec...

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Vidyut Gharpure

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Vidyut has been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of 8. When she was 11, she started her traini...

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