Braj Rani

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Brajrani has an early childhood teaching degree from San Francisco State University where she specia...

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Dr. Roosel Jain

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Dr Roosel Jain orignally belongs to Punjab, India but she was in Noida and Delhi for almost 9 years....

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Jayeeta Dasmunshi

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Jayeeta Dasmunshi, founder of Austin's very own MUSICA music school which provides lessons in Ind...

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Malcolm Davidson

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Teacher of Public Speaking for over 5 years. Toastmaster for over 10 years. He has taught Special E...

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Marathi Team

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Marathi Teachers: Pramod Patil is a founding member of the Marathi language school in Austin. He...

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Nandini Joshi

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Nandini Joshi had a degree in Comperter Science, backed with two diplomas in Supply Chain and Operat...

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Nibha Jain

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To teach is to learn twice" is one of Nibha's favorite quote. She was always passionate about sharin...

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Prashant V. Joshi

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Prashant V. Joshi, M.A., M.Phil, E RYT-500, YACEP, C-IAYT is a master coach, an executive, computer...

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Priti Abhyankar

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Priti is an avid art enthusiast who has been painting since she was 3 years of age. Encouraged by...

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Radha Patel

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Radha is a registered yoga therapist with international Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) and regis...

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Sachi Kulkarni

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Sachi Kulkarni is an experienced writer and teacher who strives to show her students how to find joy...

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Sarang Kulkarni

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Sarang Kulkarni, a very talented and multi faceted musician, is one of the most prominent faces of t...

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Shruti Mehta

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Shruti’s art work spans a wide range from rural life, ethnic women, festivals and seasons, to lands...

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Sumitha Tharasingh

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A technology leader, passionate about business, technology, and education: twenty plus years of work...

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Varsha Kailas Jawa...

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Guru's name/s – Guru Abha Wamburkar. Guru Asawari Rahalkar from Srushti Kathak Kendra Guru...

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Vidyut Gharpure

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Vidyut has been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of 8. When she was 11, she started her traini...

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