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Access Consciousness Bars- Spring 2023

Rita Seth


Access Consciousness Bars- Spring 2023

This class is a hands-on energy process that helps in dissipating the locked patterns, thoughts, feelings emotions and more!
There are 32 points on our head: money, creativity, awareness, joy, time, space, communication and healing which helps us release the fixed thoughts and emotions that we are willing to change.
Running bars deletes the earlier stored thoughts, feelings and emotions to change your old brain imprints. Meaning it deletes your old files which are not useful anymore. (Like a hardware disk erasing old data to allow your brain software to run efficiently.)
You become an international certified bars practitioner in just one day along with learning the tools, verbal processes and the ability to help your friends and family.
Participation Fee:
$350 (50% deposit upon booking)
International Practitioner Certificate included
Lunch will be provided

Who can attend?
Children below 15 years can attend class *FREE* as a gift with a paying adult.
Children between 15 years and 18 years *pay half* $175
Repeat Practitioners pay $175