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Acting & Leela participation - Spring 2023

Braj Rani


Acting & Leela participation - Spring 2023

Maximum Class Size: 15 students (for all ages)

One of the top acting teachers of RMD will be taking the special class this semester for students who are interested in participating and performing on the stage. You’re invited to come learn more about our personalized acting training and complete your official audition for participation in the Maha Shivratri leela.

The class duration is not fixed but will be conducted at the temple after the Satsang
Open for kids and adults.

Meet our experienced faculty an actor and director of several Leelas performed in RMD's big events
Participate and learn our culture, traditions, festivals while learning new action techniques
Complete your official audition to particulate in RMD leela
We will perform leelas and have fun with theatre and improv exercises

Shivratri leela is coming up so signup today!