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Math and Science - Spring 2023

Dr. Nalini Ravindran


Math and Science - Spring 2023

Location: In Person class at RMD in the new Shiksha building
Teacher : Dr. Nalini Ravindran
Number of classes : 12
Start date: Jan 27th

Skills taught in the class :
Learning from experiment  and experience, Strengthening of basic concepts and specific topics in Math and Science. Remedial teaching through a diagnostic test if needed, and driving home the concepts through assignments
The class time will be decided by the teacher based on the convenience of the registered students.

Dr. Nalini Ravindran is a passionate English teacher and has vast administrative experience as Academic Advisor, Senior Principal, Founder Principal, and Subject Supervisor of well known schools in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, India. She specialized in teaching English through PGDTE at the English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad, India. She is the recipient of the Presidential/National Award for the Best Teacher for the year 2001, from the President of India, Shri Abdul Kalaam, the award being given by the Government of India. She was selected by the HRD Ministry - Human Resource Development Ministry of India - and trained in Communicative Approach in Teaching and Testing English in England from January - April 1990, through the CBSE ELT PROJECT. She has been training English teachers and educationists all over India in Communicative and Skill based Approach in English as the Master Trainer and Resource Person in more than 150 Orientation workshops since 1990 till date. She is a skilled and experienced instructor and we are grateful to have her at Shiksha.