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Mindful Leadership at home and work: Adults (Summer Camp)

Prashant V. Joshi


Mindful Leadership at home and work: Adults (Summer Camp)

6 classes

Context : Leadership is often overused and misunderstood, perceived as only for the elite. Yoga as a superset of mindfulness and Leadership are very rarely used in the same sentence especially in work-environment. We will derive six unique attributes of Yogic Leadership from examples of ancient leaders and show their relevance to stressful and highly competitive lives at home and work. We will practice and develop these attributes to become better servant leaders to nurture self-development and self-transformation improving productivity and wellness holistically for positive impact at home and work.

Methodology : This unique course entails a motivational and inspiring series of presentations citing examples of ancient leaders to derive six universal attributes of leadership along with simple experiential mindful practice to become better servant leaders serving both ecosystems at home & work. Be prepared to stretch, relax, breath, laugh, and have fun all the way.

Outcome : Participants will experience self-transformation to cope with increasing responsibilities with higher sense of purpose, positive energy and productivity resulting in a happier home and work-environment. Consistent practice can give sustainable outcomes preventing and reversing minor and major complaints of life physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.