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Mudras for wellness: Spring 2024

Radha Patel


Mudras for wellness: Spring 2024

Class starts on January 21st end date: May 19th

What is mudra ?
Mudra is symbolic hand gestures can encourage different states of mind that facilitate energy flow in the entire body.
In India, every God and Goddess holds different hand mudras which symbolize particular energy.
when you can practice?
You can practice many of the mudras anywhere at any time – meditating, walking, sitting at your desk, traveling.

Increase our grasping power, concentration and sharpens our memory, bring inner peace.
It also helps to reduce excess body fat and lowers our laziness quotient.
It is beneficial for many health issues like diabetes, BP, asthma cholesterol.
It helps in the anti-aging mechanism as it rejuvenates the cells in the whole body.

Mudra practice allow us to explore and integrate all dimensions of our being, supporting our journey toward awakening, inner peace health and healing from the roots. Incorporate these hand gestures into your daily life reach your potential, spiritual awakening and balance your energies ,build your confidence, reduce stress so let’s take charge for our life.