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Proficiency in English - Spring 2023

Dr. Nalini Ravindran


Proficiency in English - Spring 2023

Location: In Person class at RMD in the new Shiksha building
Start date: Jan, 22nd 2023

- Training and Tutoring in English Language Skills
- Specific training in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
- Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Handwriting, for children and adults.
- Special guidance for elementary school students in all subjects and homework.
- Improvement in ELA performance at school.- Preparation for SAT, TOEFL and other talent tests and competitive exams in English.
- Enhancing Fluency and Accuracy in English Language.- Proficiency in Interactive English Communication through Speech and Writing.
- remedial teaching of specific concepts , topics and areas in Math for the students of primary school, science upto high school, and English language skills for all age groups.
- Learning from experiment and experience.
- editing and drafting English language brochures, books and newsletters.
- classes online and in person for individuals and groups.