Sricharan Hari

Sricharan Hari

Sricharan Hari has been learning the art of origami for the past 10 years. He was inspired by the art at a very young age, and has been passionately exploring the limits of Origami, and is still learning. He has experienced a positive impact with learning this art, such as increased levels of concentration, focus, and patience.

Sricharan has experience with various folding techniques such as Closed and Open sinks, swivels, twists, inside and outside reverse folds, and still continues to explore new folding techniques. He has worked on and created different types of origami modeling such as Modular, Action, Golden Venture, Wet, Kirigami and PureLand. He has worked with different paper types, Double Tissue, Tant, Kami, Hanji, and has experimented with many other paper types including making his own papers.

Sricharan’s origami projects take from 10 minutes to over 5 days to make depending on how many folds it has, from just a few, to hundreds and hundreds of them.

Sricharan has followed and been influenced by some of the leading figures in Origami like Jeremy Shafer, Tadashi Mori, Robert Lang, Jo Nakashima, Steshen Weiss, Jun Maekawa, Satoshi Kamiya and finally, Akira Yoshizawa, father of modern day Origami.

Sricharan would like to share his origami experience with those who are interested in learning and experiencing the art and hopes to establish an Origami interest group in Austin in the future.

Sricharan is currently working on his own multi-component origami design, which not only includes folding, but preparing the paper as well.