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Dot Mandala and Lippan art workshop: Spring 2024

Gowri Manasa


Dot Mandala and Lippan art workshop: Spring 2024

Dot Mandala and Lippan art: Spring 2024 (remote classes available)

Gowri Manasa, a self-learned art teacher, would be conducting "Dot Mandala and Lippan art" during this summer. She started learning art from her childhood and has great experience in teaching art back in India.

Course contents: Interaction session, introduction to Dot Mandala and Lippan art, understand what, why and how these art forms are made. Learn about dot mandala art types, designs primarily used in Lippan art, acquire skills to use dotting tools for different strokes, understand how to use clay and craft mirrors for Lippan art.

At the end of the session, kids will enhance their creativity skills, self-awareness, learn to express themselves, and improve self-confidence.

Classes: Saturday and Sunday, 10:30am–12pm

Ages: 8+

$150 (excluding material) per person

$100 (material cost) per person

Phone: +1 929-603-8525
You can contact Gowri Manasa using the phone# mentioned above🙏🏻