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Dot Mandala & Lippan Art Classes : Fall 2023

Gowri Manasa


Dot Mandala & Lippan Art Classes : Fall 2023

Class fees includes the supplies fees.
Number of Classes: 15
In person only if 8+ registered, else online.

Course Contents:
-Interaction session, introduction to Dot Mandala and Lippan art, understand what, why and how these art forms are made.

Dot Mandala:
-Understand what kind of paint to use.
-Learn about dot mandala art types.
-Get to know what surfaces work with this technique.
-Acquire skills to use dotting tools for different strokes.

Lippan Art:
-Learn what materials are used in this art form.
-Know which designs are primarily used in Lippan art.
-Understand how to use clay and craft mirrors for Lippan art.

At the end of the session, kids will enhance their creativity skills, self-awareness, learn to express themselves, and improve self-confidence.